Belmore Falls

Belmore Falls
Belmore Falls.

If you are looking for a little adventure off the beaten track, then a trip to Belmore Falls is worth including in your itinerary.

Located on the edge of the escarpment south-east of Burrawang, on the headwaters of Barrengarry Creek, the falls tumble dizzily 78 metres down to the floor of the valley.

The top of the falls is east of the causeway on Belmore Falls Road. However, there is no parking here, and no access.

To see the falls properly, continue to Hindmarsh Lookout. Park your car and follow the signs to the lookout. Hindmarsh Lookout offers spectacular views over Kangaroo Valley.

From here there is a 1500 metre circular walk which takes you to other lookouts, the last one providing views of Belmore Falls.

There are also rainforest, bushland and wildflowers to see.

Scenic road.

Access the falls from either Fitzroy Falls, Burrawang or Robertson.

From either direction you travel part of the way through picturesque farmland, then the thick bush of Morton National Park.

The road is narrow and winding, but usually well-graded.

From Fitzroy Falls eventually you will descend and reach a narrow ford across the stream which goes over the Falls. Do not stop here. There is no parking and no access to Belmore Falls.

Instead, cross the ford and a little further along is a one way road to Hindmarsh Lookout. From Robertson look for the Hindmarsh Lookout sign. If you reach the ford you have come too far.

How to get there.

From Burrawang:

Travel from the scenic village of Burrawang - turn south at Church Street, and on to Wildes Meadow. At the Myra Vale Road intersection follow the sign to the left, then right into Belmore Falls Road just a short distance along.

From Fitzroy Falls:

From the village store, travel towards Kangaroo Valley for a few hundred metres, then turn left into Myra Vale Road past the Reservoir. Follow this road round the reservoir, past the Burrawang turnoff, then turn right at the next intersection into Bellmore Falls Road. From here you travel along about 5 kms of reasonably graded dirt roads - enough to give drivers of Urban Assault Vehicles a bit of a thrill and make them believe they are truly roughing it, but perfectly suitable for the family car.

From Robertson:

In Robertson take the street in the centre of town towards the south and over the railway line. Turn right, then look for the Belmore Falls Road on your left. Turn here. To the falls from Robertson it is about 8 kms, of which almost 6kms is a narrow winding dirt road; drive with care.

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